Art process

For iF, artistic creation is a catalyst for reflection and discussion that helps to cultivate the art of freedom.

His work has been structured over the years thanks to his decision to embrace his experience, his values À¢'€'‹À¢'€'‹and their integration into hisr artistic work. Thus, he generates works loaded with meaning to promote perspective on social issues. Freedom, his desire and his lack, crosses his work.

His work is no stranger to contemporary effervescence and his explorations are, even unintentionally, bridges. We can find there a force similar to that of Jörg Immendorf (militant neo-expressionist artist), Günther Uecker (and his nails), Bacon (of course for the flesh, the wound) or even Henri Cueco (committed social critic), Eduardo Txillida (cultural identity) and Alice Neel (themes).

iF does not want to be locked in a box / cage. So, keeping his mind engaged, he explores, technically, creating a rich work representative of the diversity he defends. Initially focused on painting, sailing between free figuration, surrealism and neo-expressionism, his works have diversified: he paints in acrylic, ink, mixes techniques on canvas, wood, paper, creates works more material with plasters, add elements, metal parts, nails; he also sculpts by hollowing out wood, adding rods that he twists, welds, binds with threads…

In front of his work, the reactions are in the image of the proposed approach: no half measure, the spectator open to the discussion is often surprised by the strength of the colors and the themes, then captivated, passionate by the approach and the meaning.